Atlantis Center From Above

Atlantis Center From Above

After Gary Levine envisioned the enormity of Atlantis, he called Key Largo, sculptor/designer Kim Brandell for
design and mold making and implementation of his plan. Most noted for his commission by Donald Trump
of the icon that sits in front of the Trump International Tower, Brandell is the Master Sculptor and the artistic
leader for Atlantis.

Joey Burns, is the very a gifted graphics illustrator and co-designer of Atlantis who together with Brandell
refined Levine’s’ vision into a visual presentation. Burns talents were inspirational and a huge contribution.

Next, the elite team of the Miami based ocean-engineers at G.M. Selby & Associates brought science
to the engineering of Atlantis. Selby engineered Atlantis to withstand the forces of the catastrophic 100-year

With illustrations and engineering in hand, the permitting process began with the Department of
Environmental Resource Management and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Compliance of all
regulations was completed to the satisfaction of over ten separate regulatory agencies.

Construction of this man-made, ecologically friendly marine environment uses only EPA approved materials.
The project is already teaming with life. As a result, the project was teaming with life after only the forth
month since the completion of construction of Phase 1. Atlantis, although beneath the sea, is also visible by air.

Roads in Atlantis

Roads in Atlantis

The Atlantis Memorial Reef is located just 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne, Florida and twenty-five feet
beneath the ocean’s surface in waters forty to sixty feet deep. Atlantis was our vision of the legendary “Lost City
of Atlantis” as well as the world’s largest combination artificial reef, dive attraction, underwater art gallery
and memorial. Atlantis will be a place where marine life will flourish, underwater enthusiasts will come to
explore and friends and family of the departed will come to remember their loved ones.

As the world largest underwater reef with artistic themes, Atlantis will become a living city as marine life
converges and thrives.

Although this project has since been renamed the Neptune Memorial Reef, it will always be Atlantis to the
creators of the project because Atlantis had special meaning from the beginning. Even before construction,
Atlantis had an aura of incredible potential and wonderment that inspired every individual that became
involved with the project.

The unique and unprecedented Atlantis project was an enormous undertaking that required millions of dollars.
Atlantis began with a marriage of hard work and the investment of many stockholders as the relationship
with The Neptune Society soured.

Like water resource projects created before by sculptors and artists such as Cristo’s “Pink Surrounded Islands”,
Ann Labriola’s “Star Gazer”, Simon Morris’ “Cayman Mermaid” and “Guardian of the Deep”, Guido
Galletti’s “Christ of the Abyss” and now “Atlantis”, the waters and oceans are a special place for our sculptors
and designers to display their very special capabilities and talents.

Now, taking another positive step for the environment Reef Builders International will now, present The Miami
Project and The Reef Connections Project.