Stone Henge Reef Project

Stone Henge Reef Project Render

Dear family, friends, scuba divers, fishermen, environmentalists and friends of the oceans,

Today I receive From the Department of Environmental Resources Management authorization to construct the Stonhenge Reef Project. This reef will be constructed 40 feet under the surface of the water offshore of Key Biscayne Florida. The Stonehenge Reef Project will follow the success of creating the initial phase of the Atlantis Reef Project that I started back in 2007 and was transferred shortly thereafter. Information on both projects can be seen at Information on the historical Stonehenge, located in England, can be found here

The creation of Stonehenge will require 700 tons of natural Florida limestone transported 3 miles offshore and assembled on the ocean floor. Our Florida limestone is the perfect reef building habitat material. When completed, Stonehenge will be larger in size then the Atlantis Reef Project making it the largest man-made reef ever constructed as an underwater fish paradise, scuba attraction and work of art all-in-one.

I want to welcome back to The Stonehenge Reef Project many of the individuals and companies that contributed to the Atlantis Reef Project who will be with us at Stonehenge. Gerald Zadikoff of GM Selby and Associates (Engineering) , Harrison Crane (lots of lifting heavy objects), Ocean Reef Divers (underwater communications systems), Subsalve (underwater lift bags), Dr. Michael Haley (marine biologist), Joey Burns, graphics illustrator and Ms. Kari Forth (Front office and now marketing). I look forward to working with them on this new adventure.

My thanks again to Steven Blair and Sara Thanner at DERM without whose contribution this project would not be a possible.

Stonehenge will require funding that will be generated through the sponsoring of the 75 stones that are required to create this a masterpiece of underwater art. Sponsorships will be solicited from individuals, corporations or organizations that are the primary users of our oceans . Should any of you have personal relationships with our ocean friends please contact me at the numbers below.

Any of you who would like to come out and carve, cut and sculpt the individual stones this project are welcome to contact me. The first stones of the project have been cut and will be delivered to the sculpting area next week.

Attached is the first rendering of Stonehenge. It will be built in it’s original form.

Yaba Daba Doo Here we go again.

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