Atlantis Artificial Reef Render

Atlantis Artificial Reef Render

The man-made marine habitat Reef Builders creates will help to maintain and improve the quantity and
quality of many marine species.

Man-made reefs, with their high numbers and variety of marine life attract the attention of scuba divers and
anglers. In redirecting human contact, man-made reefs greatly relieve the stress on our exceedingly
fragile natural reefs.

Because we are able to oversee all aspects of reef development from concept to completion under one
roof, Reef Builders can realize its dream of building a network of man-made reefs which create a myriad of
marine life. The products we use to create our man-made reefs is manufactured specifically to accelerate
biological development, without negative impact on the environment.

It is our mission to continue with the building of man-made reefs for the benefit of the marine environment,
as well as to provide a learning platform for building better reefs for mankind’s subsequent generations.

Additional information is available in the Projects area of this website.