Gary Levine

Gary Levine President

Reef Builders President Gary Levine has been a Miami, Florida resident for sixty years. At age 16, he began diving and water skiing, becoming a first-time boat
owner in 1960.

As former owner of Coastal Seawall and Marine in 1985, Mr. Levine completed marine construction projects from Miami to Palm Beach.
In 1987, Mr. Levine obtained ownership of the Hurricane Harbor Marina in Fort Lauderdale.
However, it was not until 2003 that Mr. Levine would experience a major turning point in the development of 
his reef projects. Achieving the near impossible, Mr. Levine envisioned and created The Atlantis Reef Project.
Atlantis was to serve as an underwater memorial for all who loved the oceans fishermen, divers,
environmentalists and the like by creating a final resting place for their cremated remains. Atlantis
would become the largest man made reef ever created by a non-governmental organization. Appearing in
Forbes Magazine, The Today Show, CNBC and MSNBC, the marvel of Atlantis as a man-made reef has captured the attention of press divers, scientists and The Neptune Society, the largest cremation company in the United States.
In 2007, after first phase of The Atlantis Reef Project was set on the ocean floor, the Atlantis Reef Project merged interest with another company.
The new relationship ended because of significant personal and philosophical differences between the parties as did the further development of the reef. The Atlantis Reef co-creators have no further association with the reef project which has had a name change.
Many of the same individuals and companies that worked with Mr. Levine on Atlantis have joined forces with ReefBuilders to make all aspects of reef development available from one company.